does Idiot proof diet actually work ?


What Exactly is the Idiot Proof Diet? 


Idiot Proof Diet  is a web-based diet program that seems to be the latest fad! In a nutshell this diet combines tested scientific fat loss principles with an Online Diet Generator which allows you to choose types of foods you enjoy and then generates an 11-day diet menu of your own (It automatically adjusts calories and makes a customized diet for you). The Diet is available through the Official Website


Does The Diet Really Work?
Like all diet plans this program also does involve effort from your side. The popularity of this diet has stemmed from the positive feedback and results which people have been experiencing with it. Since it is a online based program, word of Idiot Proof Diet's effectiveness was soon getting discussed on blogs , forums and websites and it has literally become a rage. At the time of writing this review we went to Google and did a search for the diet
1,110,000 websites , forums , blogs have something to say about the diet !


The Theory and Working

Why conventional Diets Don't work: A fundamental mistake in dieting (and very widespread in our society!) is the belief that eating less will lead to fat loss. Now scientific evidence suggests this to be entirely WRONG!

The reason lies in our evolution as human beings. During the past thousands of years our ancestors had to face famines, droughts and shortage of food and water. Over the course of time the human body has adapted to such a level that when it sense a shortage of food it responds by dramatically decreasing the metabolic rate (The rate at which calories are burned in the body) in order to preserve energy and ensure survival.

The irony of the situation is that when you need to lose fat and severely restrict your food intake it fires the same mechanism in the body which was meant to preserve calories rather than burn calories!

Calorie Shifting:

The Idiot Diet is based on the shifting calories theory.It is neither a low carbohydrate diet nor a low calorie diet. Your metabolism doesn't know how much food you'll eat tomorrow or the next day because those days have not happened yet. Therefore, your metabolism always burns calories based on your eating habits during the past few days -- because it assumes that you'll continue to eat in the same general way.

In Idiot Diet we do the OPPOSITE of what the body expects you to do. You're going to NOT continue eating the same types of calories and meals for more than a couple days at a time, and you're going to lose a lot of weight by doing this.

Every few days your calories would be shifted to force fast fat loss. Apart from this a totally different diet would be generated after the 11 day period . This insures even faster weight loss (The software does this automatically for you )

At the completion of the 11 day meal plan there is a 3 day 'cheat' sheet - where you are allowed to enjoy whatever you want to eat. After that 3 day cycle, the 11 day diet plan begins again.

Our Rating:  .

After reviewing the program our overall rating for this product is excellent (Please refer inside the product page for more information). This is a good program unlike many hyped up diets in the market . The Online diet Generator is the best feature of this program which lets you come back and generate a diet for you whenever you want. Membership is lifetime.